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Higher Voltage Blade Fuse


Vehicle manufacturers have for years tried to increase the system voltage of cars and trucks.

The reasoning is simple...power (watts) is equal to the voltage (volts) multiplied by the current (amps). If you double the voltage, you can halve the current to get the same power.

Why reduce the current?

Reducing the current allows the use of a smaller gauge of wire. A 12 gauge wire is required to conduct 30 amps, whereas a 16 gauge wire is required to conduct 15 amps.

There is significantly more weight in a 12 gauge wire (19.77lb/1000") than 16 gauge wire (7.82 lb/1000"). Now multiply the total length of wire in a typical vehicle and the additional weight could be several hundred pounds.

Raising the voltage helps to reduce the size of the wiring and overall weight of vehicle helping to increase the efficiency and gas mileage.

Some vehicles manufacturers have already made the switch to higher voltages.

ANR58 Standard Auto Blade Fuse 58V

OptiFuse manufactures a wide range of higher voltage automotive blade fuses including 58V, 80V and 125V for use in these higher voltage systems.

Fuses are designed to replace standard size blade fuses including large blade (commonly known as "Maxi" type), standard blade ("ATO" type), miniature blade ("Mini" type) and micro blade ("Micro2" type).

The fuses range in current from 500mA up to 80A - depending on the fuse family.



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