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June 26, 2009
Sales and Marketing

Car manufactures have been in the news quite a lot recently.  I was looking to buy a car recently and this got me thinking about some of the differences between sales and marketing.   

In the most simplest terms...Marketing is what brings a prospect to the car lot and sales is helping them to make a purchase when they’re there.
Marketing starts with the manufacturer designing and building a car with the features and benefits that I value.  The car company then uses various mediums to communicate those features and benefits to me, creating demand, product differentiation, and brand awareness.  Finally, the dealership, through local media advertising, word-of-mouth promotion, and public relations help to lend support to the brand and further differentiate themselves from the other local dealerships. 
Sales on the other hand is simply the transfer of trust.  It is asking questions and providing information.  Sales helps  explain the value equation to the potential customer. ...maximizing the benefits and minimizing the cost to create the highest value to the customer.  The salesperson is responsible for making sure that all the benefits are fully explained to the prospect and that a fair price is agreed upon for those benefits.  The customer will then make a buying decision based on whether or not they can trust the manufacturer, dealership (distributor), and salesperson to deliver those benefits.  If the trust is there, most likely a sale will be made.
Thank you so much for your continued support of OptiFuse where our goal is to deliver the maximum benefits for the minimum price creating the highest value for our customers...

Jim Kalb


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