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August 3, 2009
Back in the Saddle

Well...maybe not the bike saddle but rather the OptiFuse saddle...The OptiFuse Daily Blog is back!!

I wanted to begin the blog by thanking all of my good friends for all the moral support and heartfelt concern you’ve given to me over these past three weeks.  It was really great to see literally hundreds of well wishing e-mails and cards (as well as some flowers by some extremists!!).

I am currently on the mend, back at work and hope to be 100% one day soon...

One of the interesting things that came about during my hiatus was that so many of you commented on how you really missed the information that my daily blog brings to you ...the feedback I got from so many of you was that no one else even comes close in providing this kind of information and that most of you had no idea that circuit protection was so complex...

I have always tried to make this forum rich with information as well as trying to not to be boring while describing some really technical issues...most of all...I appreciate that so many of you actually take a moment out of your busy days read it from time to time...

Starting tomorrow...the OptiFuse Daily Blog will be back in full-swing...I’ll continue working on the original three-day rotation schedule consisting of:  a product topic, an application or technical topic, and a general business / sales / marketing topic.

Lastly, I wanted to express my sincere thanks to those of you who continue to support OptiFuse day in and day out...it’s because of you that we’re here trying to make a difference in the world...yes...it is an uphill battle...but any good idea is worth the effort but I’m more convinced than ever that OptiFuse will succeed in its quest to unseat the powers to be in the power protection world...as far as I’m concerned...it us against them and I truly appreciate you fighting along side of us.

Thank you so much very much for all your support of OptiFuse. 

Jim Kalb


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