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August 27, 2009

Ever since we were a baby, our behavior has been shaped by the feedback that we’ve received.  If we did something bad...then we were punished (negative feedback)...if we did something good then we were rewarded or praised (positive feedback)...this feedback helped us learn from our mistakes and grow as a person...

As we get older, we tend to shut out feedback from our lives...especially unsolicited feedback...we tend to think of the feedback as nagging...or criticism.  We tend to get annoyed at hearing things we don’t like so people begin to soften their feedback as to not hurt our feelings

Used in the right context however, feedback is a great thing to help us grow and improve.  Athletes use heart monitors, speedometers, timers and coaches to improve their performance.  Entrepreneurs used personal coaches, peer groups, and/or mentors to help them help grow as a business person.

At OptiFuse, I’ve always tried to encourage as much feedback as I could stomach.  I regularly try to talk with front line people as well as management to determine what it is that we’re doing well and what it is that we need to improve upon.  I think of this as being very healthy and really essential to growing as a company. 

Of course I appreciate all the positive feedback that I receive each day from readers, but I think that it’s equally important to know about all the negative things as well.  This way we can improve upon what we are doing. I can’t promise that we will adopt every suggestion...but I least I know the problem is out there...

I also encourage you and all the readers of the the OptiFuse Daily Blog to try and seek as much feedback as you can from customers, co-workers and management.  If they are really good friends, they’ll give you a very honest appraisal of the job you’re doing.  The key word is...honest.

Oh and by the way...one of the most common comments (feedback) I get from the readers is how they love the blogs but can’t keep up reading them every day...so starting in September...I’ll be reducing the frequency of the blog to 2-3 times per week...

Thank you once again for your continued support of OptiFuse as we try to listen to (not just hear) what you’re saying...

Jim Kalb


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