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March 12, 2010
The Month of March


I do understand that everyone has their own unique biases and prejudices.  This is exactly what makes us rational thinking human beings.  This is the reason, I suppose, that Baskin-Robbins makes 31 flavors and Crayola has a box of 64 crayons.  It’s not a "one-size-fits-all" world out there.

In any given year, there are twelve distinct months; some with 30 days, some with 31 and one with 28/29.  Poll any group of people and you’ll find that there is probably an even distribution as to which month of the year is a person’s favorite month.

For the first 30 or so years of my life, October was my favorite month.  My birthday is in October.  However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve given this a bit more thought and have determined that March is truly the best month of the year.

March is the month of renewed hope.

Springtime begins in March.  The cold of winter gives way to the warmth of spring.  The frozen earth begins to thaw.  Farmers begin to till the earth in anticipation of upcoming planting.  Migratory birds begin to return to their native soil to nest and rear their young. 

This weekend we start daylight-savings time.  In the spring, we turn our clocks forward allowing us extra daylight in the evenings as we return home from our workdays.  The hours of daylight continue to grow through the spring equinox on March 20th.  The additional daylight tends to lead most of us to a more active lifestyle whether it’s a walk or a ride in the evening or perhaps time to work in the garden or repairing the lawn from the long winter of hibernation.   Gone are arriving to work in the darkness and going home in the darkness.  The sunshine warms the skin and the soul.

Major league baseball’s spring training is in full-swing in Arizona and Florida.  Kids hopeful of a landing job with the big-league team work hard to impress their managers and GMs.  Veteran players stretch their muscles, work on timing and mechanics, and anticipate long season ahead.  In spring training, no team has a losing record.  The disappointments of last year are but a distant memory.  This year is a clean slate and a new chance of achieving greatness. 

March Madness is also upon us.  For three consecutive weeks, college basketball teams play in post-season tournaments.  These tournaments will determine the number one team in the nation while providing the fans with excitement, drama and last second heroics.  This is the one place where teams from small schools share the same stage with those teams from the elite "power" conferences.  Each year, our hopes are raised by the "David" teams looking to make their mark as they take on "Goliath" armed with their dead-eye three-point shooters and their will to win. 

For me, March is about rebirth, hope and anticipation...but then again...I’m sure you can create an equally compelling argument for your favorite month...

Thank you very much for all of your continued support of OptiFuse where we try to provide you great service 12 months a year.

Jim Kalb
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