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  August 17, 2012
I Hate My Boss...


"You’re not the boss of me" ~ Sarah Kalb - at the age of 4 to her parents 

Sometimes I believe that I have the worst boss ever.

To start with, the guy is a slave-driver. He often forces me to work 50-60 hours each week at the office.  He doesn’t pay very well but rather he insists that my big rewards will come after the company finds success.  He is constantly pushing me to do more and more with fewer and fewer resources.

Oh sure, I get the big office, but with the big office comes the responsibility of making sure that all of the other workers at the company are happy and productive, that our customers believe that we are doing our very best to satisfy their needs, and that we somehow find a way to remain profitable in these uncertain economic times.

In addition to driving me hard at the office, the SOB is constantly pushing his way into my personal life.  He actually forces me to exercise and watch what I eat.  He pushes me to go to the gym and/or long bike rides several times each week... even when I’m tired after a long day at work or wanting to sleep an extra hour on the weekends. Granted, I do feel better and a bit less lethargic after some vigorous exercise, but that’s not the point!   

He actually makes me mostly eat food that is somewhat bland and tasteless solely because it is purportedly healthy and nutritious. He demands that I go on a very strict diet each autumn in order to lose the few pounds that I usually put on each spring and summer.

Not satisfied with making sure that I’m financially healthy and physically healthy; he also imposes his will upon me by pressing me to learn new things each day.

I didn’t want to start taking Spanish lessons at the age of 50... but the megalomaniac that he is... made me do it. Personally, I’d rather be sitting in front of my TV just relaxing, drinking a beer, and watching the ball game. I don’t want to be doing homework.

I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if he at least let me enjoy some of my successes... but no... as soon as one goal is attained... the tyrant starts me down the path of yet another goal... he says hard work is good for my character... but personally I think that I have enough character at this point in my life... 

Oh, I’ve threatened to quit... but the jerk will have none of that talk... and doubles my work load for even bringing up the subject.

Why can’t my boss be like other people’s bosses? Their bosses are easy on them. They let them do whatever they want... whenever they want to...

Oh sure... I suspect that the quality of their life deteriorates quite a bit in the end... but who says I’ll even live that long... maybe I’m being forced to do all this stuff for no real reason at all...

There’s an easy way and a hard way... why is my boss always insisting that I do it the hard way?... why can’t I take shortcuts like other people? 

I suppose that I need to remember that deep down; my boss is not really pushing me to better himself, but rather he is looking after my own best interests.  He persists because he wants me to become a better person... the person we know that I can be if I try hard enough.

My boss conveys to me that respect and character are earned not bought. He explains to me that one must lead from the front, not push from behind in order to guide people forward.

Be a true friend without judgment... be a resource without the need of reciprocity... deliver kindness to others solely because it is the right thing to do... never break the trust others have placed upon you...

He constantly reminds me that I am not an island unto myself. I need to look around, be observant, and determine what it is that I can do to make the world a bit better each day... each month... each year...  

My boss describes friendship as a retail venture, spending actual time with real people.  Doing it in this way helps to build shared memories and long-lasting relationship.  Friendship is not a virtual race to build personal network second-tier acquaintances.

My boss reminds me to live each day in the "here and now" present. Oh sure, he’ll bring up my past mistakes just to keep me humble and so I don’t consider repeating them... and he does drive me to think about the future, just so I’m ready and prepared for whatever may come my way. 

I can’t change the past... or accurately predict the future... today is the only thing that is within my limited control...   

Even if I do all the things that the boss tells me to do... success is still not guaranteed... there will be obstacles... setbacks... and bad outcomes to good decisions and deeds. Bad things happen to good people every day... that’s just the way it happens sometimes.

He tells me that I can’t get too high or too low... because the only sure thing about luck is that it’ll change.

The boss tells me not to get discouraged... that I need to get up and keep going. There is another battle to fight tomorrow... if you are so lucky to have a tomorrow.

I really hate my boss sometimes... but I’m glad that he’s there...

Thank you for your support of OptiFuse where we recognize that our customers are the reason we have jobs...


Jim Kalb

www.optifuse.blogspot.com (blog archive)

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