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June 4, 2009
Introduction to OptiFuse Blog

I’m very excited to announce several changes coming down the pipeline at OptiFuse.  The world continues to change each day and unlike our competitors who are happy to "cash cow" their businesses, OptiFuse is happy to embrace all the change the world has to offer.

Here are just a few things that will be changing at OptiFuse sometime over the next 12 months:

Optifuse Blog

Let’s start with the OptiFuse daily blog (this is what you’re currently reading).  Each day (well...a few times a week to start with), you’ll receive an e-mail from me.  The e-mail will cover only one topic and will be limited to ½ of a page (this is NOT suppose to be a newsletter).  Hopefully you will find the topic interesting enough to read it each day.

These "blogs" will be archieved on our redesigned website for you to refer back to.  I will also encourage you to forward the blogs to anyone you might think will benefit as there will be a lot of very useful and insightful information about circuit protection, the electronic component market, and general business insights. 

The blog will defintely not be a waste of your valuable time, but if you find it unworthy of your inbox...you are also able to unsubscribe at any point with a simple click of the mouse.  It is definitely NOT meant to be spam.

Register Online

If you happened to log onto our website recently, you will notice that in order to download a spec or check stock, you must now log in.  It only takes a few seconds to register (only 5 pieces of information are required to register) and you can stay logged in indefinitely.  We’re getting several hundreds of visitors to our site each day and just want to know who you are.

Website Enhancements

We are also working feverishly on OptiFuse 2.0.  Recently we have tested sevearl new website enhancements that you might have already seen or used.  Many of the datasheets and photos have recently been updated.  Additionally, you can now check our factory inventory as well as the OptiFuse inventory our stocking distributors. 

We are also completely reshooting photos of all our products (in color) and will soon have an option to enlarge any product photo online.

We are constantly updating our cross-reference database to ensure that you or your customer is getting the proper fuse or fuse holder to meet your specific applications. 

New Price Sheet

We will be announcing in a few weeks a new price sheet.  We have found that many of our "book" prices are significantly lower than Bussmann and/or Littelfuse’s "book" pricing but that the book price in no way reflects what the actual "street" price is.  Therefore we are working to revise all of our pricing to make you more competitive without requiring you to seek a special negotiated price.  We are planning to lower pricing on several of the most popular items as well as reducing the number of pricing columns to make quoting and ordering easier.

There are several other changes planned for the upcoming months at OptiFuse...and we’ll be communicating those changes to you soon...but I’m already over my half of page!!

Please click here to see some of the changes for yourself.

Thanks for all you continued support of OptiFuse. 

Jim Kalb


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