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August 12, 2009
Let’s Get Small

People love big cars, big houses, and big screen plasma TVs...but engineers love small... for one basic reason... smaller is less expensive.

In the great pursuit of "small"... OptiFuse’s surface-mount fuses can help...

Let’s start with our "Nano" type fuse (Nanofuse is a registered trademark of Littelfuse).  The "Nano" type fuse is a square-bodied fuse that is directly soldered on top of a printed circuit board (PCB).  The length of the fuse is 6.1 mm and width is 2.6 mm square (also known as a 6125 size).  The OptiFuse FCM / TCM fuse is available in both fast-acting (FCM) and time-delay (TCM) styles.  The amperage range is from 63mA all the way to 15A in a fast-acting version and 200mA to 7A in a time-delay version. 


So you say..."no this is too big for my application"... okay... let’s go for something smaller...

OptiFuse also manufactures a fuse in a 1206 package which is only 3.2 mm long and 1.6 mm wide (meaning it is approximate 1/4 the size of the above 6125 fuse).  This fuse is also available in a fast acting version (F1206) and in a time-delay version (T1206).  The current range for both style is 100mA to 7A.

Wait...this is STILL too big for me!!

Okay...then maybe you should try our 0603 version which is only 1.6 mm long and 0.8 mm wide (meaning it’s 1/4 the size of a 1206 fuse or 1/16 the size of a 6125 fuse!!).  This fuse is currently only available in a fast-acting version and the current range is 500mA to 5A (can you believe that 5A can get through such a small package?!).

"Is that all you have?" you might ask..."well no" would be my reply...

Remember a few days ago... I talked about resettable fuses...well...it turns out that resettable fuses are also available in several surface-mount packages including 2920, 1812, 1210, 1206 and 0805 sizes.

Resettable - R2920

So no matter whether your needs are for resettable or one-time use fuses, we have the fuse for you...

Thank you very much for your unwavering support of OptiFuse where you’ll find that our fuses and costs are small but our service is big...

Jim Kalb


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