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August 17, 2009
No More Guessing

A while back I wrote about the OptiFuse indicating fuse blocks.  Today I want to introduce you to the indicating automotive in-line fuseholder.

The principle is basically the same here...when the fuse opens...a LED indicating light turns on to let the user know explicitly that the fuse needs to be replaced.  No more guessing...

OptiFuse manufactures three types of in-line fuse holders depending on the type of fuse being used in the application.

The LPM-04B-I is used when the application calls for an automotive "Mini" fuse.  The fuse holder is rated at 24 VDC and can safely handle up to 30 amps...depending on the wire gauge (the wire gauge must be added to the part number to get a complete part number).  The standard body is black and the standard wire color is red.  The wire gauges range from #12 AWG to #18 AWG.

The LPR-04B-I fuseholder is used when the application calls for a "Regular ATO / ATC" type automotive fuse.  Like the LPM-04B-I, the LPR-04B-I is rated up to 24 VDC and can handle currents up to 30A...depending on the wire gauge.  The standard body color is black and the standard wire color is red.   The wire gauges range from #12 AWG to #18 AWG. 

The LPX-04B-I was designed to be used when the application calls for a "Maxi" type automotive fuse.  The LPX-04B-I is a much larger fuseholder than the other two above.  The voltage rating is still 24 VDC but the current rating can go all the way to 60A.  Once again the standard body color is black with a standard red wire.  The LPX-04B-I is only available with a #6 AWG wire allowing the additional amperage without the possibility of overheating. 

I’d like to give you our competitors’ crosses to these part but alas...Bussmann and Littelfuse don’t offer an automotive in-line fuse with a blown-fuse indicator.  I suppose it is possible to use a Littelfuse indicating fuse...but since the fuseholders generally are covered, it wouldn’t do you much good...

Thank you very much for your continued support of OptiFuse where we try to take the guesswork out of circuit protection...

Jim Kalb

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