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August 25, 2009
Boxed Sets

Ok...I know that OptiFuse isn’t the biggest fuse company out there (not yet at least)...that just means that we need to try a little harder to win your business...

One of the ways we try to differentiate ourselves from the other guys is to create unique packaging solutions for our customers. 



Our custom fuse kits are a perfect solution whether you’re a automotive WD selling to garages and installation shops or an electronic OEM distributor selling to engineering labs.

Your customers will appreciate having an assortment nearby with a convenient unbreakable plastic box (oh...did I mention that many of Bussmann’s assortments come in a hard plastic box that shatters into many pieces upon dropping it on the ground?) and a wide assortment of fuses close at hand...

Each kits can be customized exactly to the specifications of the customer (within certain limitation... let’s face it... the boxes are only so big).  It doesn’t matter to us whether or not we fill the kits with electronic fuses or automotive fuses...

We have several different sized boxes as well...

OptiFuse also has the ability to add your own custom label on each fuse kit if you’d like...this way, your customers remember who provided them with the fuses and can reorder directly from you when they need more parts...


The best part is that OptiFuse doesn’t try to gouge you on the price just because you buy fuses in a plastic box...unlike what our competitors do on their standard assortments.  Typically, you only pay for the fuses + the cost of the box...

One side note...since most of our "boxed sets" are custom, you won’t find them listed on our website yet...hopefully in the near future, we’ll find a way to let you build up your own boxes online...but we’re still a few months away from that point..

Thank you once again for your continued support of OptiFuse where we try do it your way not our way... and thanks for all you great comments and notes!!

Jim Kalb
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