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September 28, 2009
Automotive Blade Circuit Breakers

Every once in a while I receive a comment about how inconvenient it is to replace fuses in their vehicles.  People also ask me why a resettable fuse isn’t available for many automotive applications.

I agree that most fuses are a pain to replace in the field.  More often than not, a spare fuse isn’t readily available.  Additionally, many times the electrical problem that caused the fuse to open in the first place has not been fixed.  Therefore a replacement fuse is inserted only to quickly open up again. 

The reason that resettable fuses are not typically available for automotive applications is that resettable fuses have a maximum current rating of less than 10A whereas most automotive applications require a fuse greater than 10A.



If it resettability is truly what you desire, then the only device I can recommend is an automotive blade circuit breaker.  The automotive blade circuit breaker is intended to replace a regular blade type fuse such as the OptiFuse APR, Bussmann ATC or Littelfuse ATO fuses.



The automotive blade type circuit breakers are designated as part number ACB2-PL-XX where the -XX is the amperage of the breaker.  The voltage rating of the ACB2-PL is 12VDC and current ratings of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 amps.

The circuit breaker is a SAE automatic type I circuit breaker meaning that it automatically resets itself upon opening (after cooling of course) regardless of whether or not the fault or wiring problem has been fixed.  The circuit breaker will continue to open time and time again if the problem is not corrected.  (note:  the "ACB" in the part number designates the automatic SAE type I circuit breaker which is consistent with all of our circuit breaker part number designations)

The blades of the circuit breaker are scored allowing for different lengths of the terminals.  This allows the breakers to be fitted into a variety of applications.

Additionally, the aluminum body of the circuit breaker is anodized with the same color as the corresponding fuse color.  This way you simply replace a red fuse (10A) with a red circuit breaker (10A)

Please note that automotive blade circuit breakers are not suitable for all applications.  By design, all automotive circuit breakers are intended to proved over-load protection only and are not intended to provide short protection to the circuit (if the breaker does see a short-circuit, then it is possible that the circuit breaker contacts will "spot weld" preventing the circuit breaker from forever opening).

When properly applied, the automotive blade circuit breaker is a time and effort saver.  The circuit breakers are highly recommended for most commercial applications where down-time can be costly.

Thank you very much for your continued support of OptiFuse where we attempt to create better options for our customers...

Jim Kalb


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