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October 5, 2009
Introducing the MIDI Fuse

There are times when a standard blade fuse isn"t enough yet there isn"t space or a budget for regular "limiter" type fuse.  What to do?...

OptiFuse has a exceptional solution to this problem...  Introducing the OptiFuse MIDI* type fuse as a part of our low voltage limiter fuse offering.

The OptiFuse P/N is MID-XXXA (where the -XXX is the amperage).  The fuse is rated to 32 VDC and has an amperage range starting at 30A going all the way up to 200A.

The MID fuse is a very compact design measuring only 30 mm (1.17") from mounting stud to mounting stud.

The MID fuse has several benefits not available from our competition including:


  • A translucent body enabling the user to visually check for an open fuse link
  • A blade design that allows the user to just loosen the nuts for easy fuse replacement - rather than having to remove both nuts completely
  • Color coding for each particular amperage size allowing for easy identification of the fuse size.
Bussmann and Littelfuse have products that come close to the OptiFuse MID fuse but do not have the above benefits to the user.  The Bussmann family of fuses is the AMI series and the Littelfuse family is the 498 or BF1-32 series

OptiFuse has also developed a very unique fuse block for the MID fuses. 

The P/N for the MID fuse block is the BLC-05.  The BLC-05 comes with a snap-on Lexan protective cover protecting from accidental short circuits.

The truly best features of the MID fuse and BLC-05 fuse block are their price.  The pricing for fuse and fuse block combination is only a small fraction of lesser comparable items from Bussmann and/or Littelfuse (if they actually had a fuse and fuse block with comparable benefits) 

Next time your application calls a high power low voltage fuse, please remember the MID from OptiFuse...

Thank you very much for your continued support of OptiFuse where we continue to add new tools to your existing toolbox...

Jim Kalb

*MIDI is a registered trademark of Littelfuse Corp.

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