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October 19, 2009
Line Voltage Resettable Fuses

Far and above...the most popular voltages for resettable fuses are 30V DC, 60V DC and 90V DC in a thru-hole version.

Recently however, there seems to be a lot of interest in resettable fuses that work at either 120 V AC/DC and 240 V AC/DC.  This makes perfect sense as many consumer and industrial products operate at these higher voltages AC voltages.

OptiFuse is proud to offer a full spectrum of resettable fuses that operate at these higher AC voltages (as well as higher DC voltages)

Resettables - Radial

The R120-XXX is a resettable fuse rated at 120 V AC/DC.  It is available from 100mA to 3.75A.  The fuse is listed by UL and CSA.

The R240-XXX is a resettable fuse rated at 240 V AC/DC.  It is available from 50 mA to 2A.  The fuse is listed by UL and CSA (the fuse is still pending UL approval above 550 mA as of today)

Both types of fuses are available in tape & reel or tape & ammo packaging

Currently only OptiFuse and Tyco / Raychem have an equivalent product (LVR - 240 VAC and LVRL - 120 VAC).  Both Bourns and Littelfuse are without a line-voltage resettable fuse at this time so it’s a perfect opportunity to be the first one in the door with a solution for your customers.

The pricing is also very competitive when compared to Tyco / Raychem.  However, the best selling point of the OptiFuse line-voltage resettable fuse is the lead-time which is only 2-3 weeks as compared to 8-10 weeks from our competitors.

We do have limited amount samples available for immediate delivery should you find an application that will need engineering testing and approval.

Thank you very much for your continued support of OptiFuse where we try to make buying easy...

Jim Kalb


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