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October 26, 2009
Custom Inline Fuseholders

At OptiFuse, we try to create solutions, whenever possible, for our customers (and potential customers)...

Now typically there isn’t too much latitude in creating products in the area of fuses for customers due to the standards of UL, CSA, IEC and the multitudes of other world-wide safety agencies (creating or changing a UL standard could take as long as 20 years and several thousands of dollars!)


The greatest potential for customized products is in the area of fuseholders and clips with inline fuseholders offering the maximum amount of flexibility and options.

The following are some of the options available when customizing inline fuseholders:

  • Body Color - the body color is normally black but can be most any other color including yellow, green, red and white

  • Body Material- the body material is normally a PVC plastic rated at 85° C but can be upgraded to higher temperature material to meet unique customer application

  • Wire Type - The standard wire type used by OptiFuse is rated for general purpose automotive applications from -40° C to +80° C (GPT type) and conforms to SAE J-1128 standards.  This wire is typically a stranded Cu / Sn clad. Additional wire types may be specified by our customers such as "pure copper" or high-temperature types for specific customer applications.
  • Wire Gauge - several different wire gauges are available in most cases (with the limits of the mold and ampacity of the holder)
  • Wire Color - almost any color is available.
  • Wire Length - most of the fuseholders come standard with either a 12" loop of wire or 6" cut on each side.  Varying wire lengths are available.
  • Wire Termination - typically the fuseholders are stripped of insulation at 0.500 inch.  The wire can also be tinned or left with the insulation uncut.
  • Connectors - OptiFuse inline fuseholders normally do not come standard with any connectors added however, connectors can be added directly to the fuseholder at the factory
  • Installed Fuses - A pre-installed fuse can be delivered with the fuseholder.


Some examples of an OptiFuse customized fuseholder and the benefit to our customer:

Problem:  A customer was buying a standard inline fuseholder with 6 inches of wire and then adding another 6 feet of wire on one side by using a "butt splice" connector. 

Solution:  We simply produced the fuseholder with the proper length of wire eliminating the extra production steps and improving overall quality by eliminating the potential for a incorrect splice.

Problem:  A customer was using a Bussmann inline fuseholder which was rated only for 85° C in an application that required a 105° C rating

Solution:  OptiFuse was able to mold the same basic fuseholder but using a high temperature (105° C) material


Problem:  A customer wanted an inline fuseholder using special high temperature green #22 solid Teflon wire, 24 inches on one side and 4 inches on the other side, an installed fuse and a ring lug connector on one side.

Solution:  OptiFuse was able to build the product to the customer’s print eliminating the need to procure multiple parts from multiple sources and sending out the parts to an assembly shop to build.  This saved the customer both time and money.

Typically customization services are available for as little as 1,000 pieces (depending on the level of customization and complexity).

Please consider OptiFuse customized fuseholders when you are looking for potential cost savings, added reliability, as well as reduced inventory costs and lead-times.

Thank you very much for your continued support of OptiFuse where we try to make our customers look good...

Jim Kalb


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