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November 9, 2009
Low Profile Mini Fuse

Well...it’s finally here!...

OptiFuse is proud to announce our new low-profile automotive mini-blade fuse has arrived.

The part number for the low-profile mini blade fuse is APS-XX (where the -XX is the fuse current rating). These new fuses carry a voltage rating of 32 VDC however we are hoping to introduce the 58 VDC version of the fuse sometime in early 2010.

The current ratings extend from 2A to 30A and are color coded using the same color scheme as the long-bladed automotive mini fuses. The APS fuse is designed with a slight amount of time-delay in order to operate with small motors and lighting circuits without causing nuisance tripping.

OptiFuse is currently busy designing fuseclips, fuse blocks and inline fuse holders for this new style fuse. We will hopefully start rolling out new fuse holder products early next year.

The OptiFuse APS fuse best crosses to the Littelfuse 9970XX fuse (once again the XX is equal to the fuse amperage rating), but it is very important to note that the Littelfuse part is rated at 58 VDC so the APS may not work in all applications. Bussmann currently does not offer a low-profile mini fuse (as far as we’re aware of...perhaps if you know of a part number from Bussmann, you can send information my way)

The pricing for the low-profile mini automotive blade fuse is similar to the regular long-blade mini.

Thank you once again for your kind support of OptiFuse as we hope demonstrate our commitment to new technologies and better designs

Jim Kalb


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