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November 23, 2009
High Current SMD Fuses

In most cases, when the need arises for a surface mount fuse, the current requirements are typically small (usually under 3 amps).  There are occasions however when an application calls for a higher current surface mount fuse.  In this case, OptiFuse has the fuse perfect for the job.

The OptiFuse FCM and TCM are SMD fuses designed for higher current requirements.  The FCM is the fast-acting version and the TCM is the time-delay version of the fuse.

TCM - FCM Fuse 
                   FCM / TCM SMD Fuses

The physical size of the fuse is 6.1 x 2.6 mm (sometimes known as a 6125 SMD package). 

The current rating range from 63mA to 15A for the FCM (fast-acting) and 200mA to 7A for the TCM (time-delay).

The voltage rating of the fast-acting FCM is:

  • 63mA to 800mA - 125 VAC / 32 VDC
  • 1A to 10A - 125 VAC / 125 VDC
  • 12A to 15A - 65 VAC / 65 VDC
The voltage rating for all amperages (200mA to 7A) of the time-delay TCM is 125 VAC / 125 VDC.

The interrupting rating of the either the FCM or TCM is 50A at 125 VAC.

Both the FCM and TCM fuse series are recognized by UL and meet CSA Standards (via the cURus program).

Like all surface mount parts, these fuses come exclusively on tape and reel.  The reel size is 7" with 1,000 pieces on each reel.  Unlike parts bulk parts purchased from OptiFuse, there is a min. / mult. of 1,000 pieces due to the tape and reel packaging.

Bussmann and Littelfuse also produce fuses in the 6125 package.

OptiFuse P/N

Littelfuse P/N*

Bussmann P/N

FCM Series

451 / 453 Series

6125FA Series

TCM Series

452 / 454 Series

6125TD Series

*Littelfuse sells their 6125 SMD products under their registered trade name of NanoFuse®

This SMD fuse packs a lot of power in such a small package and should be considered for all new designs.  Oh and remember...OptiFuse will save you money

Thank you very much for supporting OptiFuse as we deliver big things in small packages.

Jim Kalb


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