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January 18, 2010
Indicating Fuses and Fuseholders


Certain fuse manufacturers would have you believe that indicating fuses (fuses that let you know when they are open) are the only way to go... 

However at OptiFuse, we like to believe that you have a choice in the matter.  OptiFuse provides you with a choice of indicating fuses AND / OR indicating fuseholders and fuse blocks for your critical application. 

The reason is simple.  There are times when an indicating fuseholder or fuse block is a better solution to the problem.  Some people would rather use an indicating in-line fuse holder or fuse block so that a regular, non-indicating fuse, can be used as a replacement in the future.

By using an indicating holder, the end-user will never need to worry about not finding an indicating fuse at the corner hardware store or gas station.

Multiple pole fuse block with LED indicators (and a clear Lexan cover) are also currently available in 4, 6, and 10 positions. 

The OptiFuse indicating fuse block are now being installed in emergency and service vehicles throughout the world.  When response time is critical, no one wants to search every fuse to find the one that could be open.  The indicating fuse block solves this problem by pointing out where the problem fuse is so it can be quickly replaced.

On the other hand there is definitely a place for indicating fuses.  In the case of an existing factory installed fuse block  - such is the case in most new cars and trucks - then it is impractical to replace the fuse block so indicating fuses can and should be used.  (Note:  Remember to keep a spare fuse kit on hand as replacement indicating fuses are not available everywhere).


OptiFuse manufacturers indicating fuses in addition to our indicating fuse holders and blocks.  Indicating fuses are available in mini, regular and maxi fuse styles.

Oh and by the way, in addition to having the best selection, OptiFuse also has the best pricing, whether it’s fuses, in-line fuse holders, or fuse blocks....

Regardless of your application, OptiFuse has the indicating fuse and/or fuseholder and fuse block for you at the price that can’t be beat. 

Thank you very much for your continued support of OptiFuse where we give you what you want for the price you want to pay.

Jim Kalb

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