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Electrical shorts in DC circuits are all too often the cause of fires on boats. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that the electrical systems of marine craft are sufficiently and reliably protected with the correct circuit protection devices. Best practices and American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards dictate that circuit protection devices are required for every positive wire in a boat’s DC main power distribution system. Excluded from this rule are wires used for transporting starting currents.

When designing circuit protection for marine craft, keeping sparks and flammable vapors separated is an important factor to consider. OptiFuse offers many ignition-protected fuses and circuit breakers required in all spaces containing fuel tanks, gas-powered equipment, and other locations where gas fumes might waft. See how our products can help boost the safety of your fleets while protecting your bottom line.

  • High Amperage Heavy Duty Circuit Breakers provide battery and alternator protection while reducing the risk of dangerous fires from short circuits.

  • Bolt-On Style Fuses are great for building a compact and economical circuit protection system in high-current, low-voltage applications.

  • Blade Style Fuses are effective for lower current applications such as a boat’s phone, horn, VHF or GPS. They are neither ignition protected nor designed to be installed alongside a marine gasoline engine.

  • Fuse Blocks are used to distribute power to the construction and utility vehicle electrical systems.

  • Add-A-Fuses let you install one or two additional circuits to a vehicle’s electrical system without the need for extra blocks or holders.

  • In-Line Fuse Holders offer a space-saving mounting solution for Blade Style Fuses. They are often used to protect individual add-on electrical accessories.

  • 10-32 Stud (Shortstop Style) Circuit Breakers are offered with a plastic, anti-corrosive body that boosts longevity in marine craft. They are designed for surface mounting in a variety of configurations.

  • Line Voltage Circuit Breakers are typically found on boat panels, with a waterproof boot that can be easily installed.

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When designing a boat’s circuit protection strategy, trust OptiFuse’s ignition-protected fuses and circuit breakers to reduce the chances of dangerous fires.

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